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At least three of San Francisco’s city supervisors and mayoral candidates, John Avalos. Leeland Yee and David Chui spent Wednesday night with the OCCUPY SF movement. I heard they stayed to support the movement and to dissuade Ed Lee, San Francisco’s interim Mayor from breaking up the Occupied area of San Francisco. Police were seen fully dressed in riot gear and protesters were peacefully awaiting their arrival. The police never arrived at OCCUPY San Francisco, at least not Wednesday night.


OCCUPY Bisbee, Tucson, Arizona, the ‘Revolution’   Leave a comment

I recently visited Bisbee and Tucson, AZ.  These places were OCCUPIED! In every visit I made there were smiling young women and men, some were students and some were travelers. They were spreading peace and information. They had set up a community of tents and were sharing meals with one another, strangers to themselves. They were not asking for donations, though I gave one.

Oakland and Fremont and police from 16 other places in the Bay area, behaved violently in hope that the protesters would behave violently.  The U.S. wants its citizens to think we are different from the Arabs and Arab Spring, to think we are different from the Iranians.  We are not different!  We are oppressed! How much money was spent on just the police from 17 different places?  How much money was spent on weapons to oppress it’s peaceful protesters in Oakland.  Why is there money for Violence and War and not for our children’s food, education, healthcare?

I just heard or read that Obama was in Denver, Colorado promising 1/2 percent less on student loans.  Half a percent?  That is so little and not nearly enough!  I worry that Americans will take that tiny amount and be satisfied. I worry that the people will be tricked into thinking the Democrats are better than the Republicans and will settle for 1/2 percent off of their student loans. I am sickened with the thought that Americans are simple minded. OCCUPY and the OCCUPIERS are the Real Americans, the Real patriots!

When was the last time the banks gave you back your bounced check fee?  When was the last time our kids ate healthy school lunches?  When was the last time you could explain to the Police that you could not afford that parking ticket and they tore it up? When was the last time you got free books for college or for your child in elementary school? When was the last time the police drove your son home, instead of hauling him off to jail? When did they start taking money, small amounts, multiple times, from our senior citizens?  Where are our pensions?

Don’t be tricked into oppressing your fellow man, let him off when you can! OCCUPY!!!!!!

Home of the Free or Civil Disobediance and the 99.9%   Leave a comment

Early this morning police from many cities came together in the Bay Area!, in Oakland with bean bags, tear gas and ‘extra rights’, to close our local public transportation system to protesters and non-protesters alike.  I wonder if the police realize they are part of, without the money or power of course, the .1%?

Is this America home of the free?

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My mothers only grand-daughter made a card for her when she was quite young that sums her up well, “Grandma, you are a rock.”

Front Yard Garden Food, revisited   2 comments

peas on the east side of the tree

peas first planting of the season

Here are the possible choices of food plants offered to me by a friend, from her Bay area seasonal eating wheel:  squash, bok choy, green beans, lettuce, beets, carrots, onions, mustard greens and peas. I chose peas, as they were easy to get.

Squash is a must, for the blossoms and the fruit, then to peak some interest, educate and feed the soil, green beans. I am also considering bok choy, if there is room in the front yard garden.

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In my neighborhood, the streets are clean of urine, the trash is mushy and stuck to the gutter floor, it goes unnoticed, covered with sticky, wet, leaves, and the soil is saturated with water, because of the rains. The rains also mean, the tomato plants, that needed to be taken out last week and weren’t, must be taken out this week and replaced with…. and that means, ” the hot pink art, attached to the tree for support of the tomatoes, will be coming down.”

That is the question, “what food plant to plant on the street in the front yard garden?”  I put a lot of thought into this question every year.  Here are  the particulars, what will stay contained and be rather neat, with little upkeep and little water? Very important if you want your garden to be minimal work, and I do.

What food is recognizable to my neighbors? This is probably the most important question to me.  If I am wrong and I have been, food does not get eaten or picked. That is the worst, plain old waste.  I know the worms eat it and the birds, but I plant for humans, and it is a drag when the food doesn’t get eaten.  There is not only waste, but somehow the garden stays less neat and clean of debris.

What’s the weather looking like for this fall? I guessed wrong this summer,  I planted tomatoes, but the regular warm days came late to San Francisco, and the cherry tomatoes were small and few. There were still harvesters, but the garden stayed looking a bit bedraggled, because I guessed wrong.

So, I am back to the question, “what do I plant?”

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Heather Green, is an artist deeply involved in preserving the land and ocean, everywhere, with a lifelong attachment to La Cholla, Mexico, the Sea of Cortez. She wrote asking me to write a letter to the organization below, as I also have a long time attachment to this area.

Intercultural Center for Study of Deserts and Oceans, AC
Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico C.P. 83550 Phone and FAX: 01 638.

And now! I’m asking you to also write a letter. Please, read the letter provided below and request the resort builders follow the law, quit negatively impacting the La Cholla estuary and tell them to stop immediately. This estuary is very important to ‘our’ environment, also known as Earth, and livelihoods of the Mexicans that live in the La Cholla neighborhood

I have added the translated letter to this story and just added email addresses today, provided by Paloma and Hita from CEDO, so you can send your thoughts immediately.
Lic. Abigail Galvez

Ecol. Martín Saú
RB. Alto Golfo de California y Delta del Río Colorado

M. en C. Oswaldo Mendoza
Desarrollo Urbano y Ecología}
H. Ayuntamiento de Puerto Peñasco

Paloma and Hita
CEDO-Intercultural Thank you very much!!!

13 de septiembre 2011,

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora

Lic. Rafael Carlos Quiroz Narváez

Delegado Regional de PROFEPA

Hermosillo, Sonora

P R E S E N T E :

Through this I extend the complaint relating to modifications in the flow of water from two channels in the estuary La Cholla (within ZOFEMAT), adjacent to the facilities at the Laguna del Mar located in the town of Puerto Penasco , Sonora.

It should be noted  the Estero La Cholla is located within the buffer zone of Biosphere Reserve of the Upper Gulf of California and Colorado River Delta as well as being part of the object of conservation Adair Bay Ramsar site.

In Field trips conducted by the Coastal Conservation team for bird monitoring in wetlands, on April 1 this year, we saw the first modifications that were doing in a creek channel.

The channel had the presence of stones, sheets and partitions proved the beginning of construction on the channel of the estuary. During this visit we crossed the facilities at the Laguna del Mar and found near your golf course, material and construction equipment with the same characteristics as of the material that was in the channel of the estuary.

Later on July 29, on a tour to the same stream where the team Coastal Conservation CEDO team was giving a bird monitoring trainig to monitors form Community Network Ejidos Adair Bay Wetlands (REHBA) we find a modification of a stream channel more advanced. A stream channel is completely closed thereby altering the flow of water from this. A few meters there was evidence of  the beginning of a new building that showed the close of the second channel of the same estuary.

In August 2, we received a report by REHBA group monitoring and surveillance, which works under PROCODES supported by the RB of the Gulf, where we are given notice of what was found on its tour, the two channels of the cholla near the Laguna del Mar  complex are sealed in their entirety. CEDO Team for Coastal Conservation comes the same day to the  place and finds staff hired by Laguna del Mar making modifications with machinery, we found out it was people working for the resort because they were asked and they did provided this information. Data were collected from the coordinates of the two points where the channels are modified: Channel 2 (N 31.34630 W113.60809) and channel 2 (N 31.34537 W 113.60799).

REHBA and CEDO we gave notice to the staff of the RB. Upper Gulf which asked us to file the complaint directly to PROFEPA.
Yesterday, September 12, 2011, at a CEDO training meeting imparted to Sub Rocky Advisory Council of the Upper Gulf RB, CEDO asked ecology municipal authorities and urban development to support in the denunciation of this acts, so it is that this complaint is made to continue the environmental protocol to PROFEPA, waiting obtain a response to stop and protect the ecological character of this valuable ecosystem which is also part of an ANP and a place at International Priority.

No more for now, thank you for your attention and ask to take action as soon as possible to stop this damage to the ecosystem of the estuary La Cholla.

Intercultural Center for Study of Deserts and Oceans, AC
Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico C.P. 83550
Phone and FAX: 01 638
P. S. We attach photographs of the changes.
complaint with these acts, which is that