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Heather Green, is an artist deeply involved in preserving the land and ocean, everywhere, with a lifelong attachment to La Cholla, Mexico, the Sea of Cortez. She wrote asking me to write a letter to the organization below, as I also have a long time attachment to this area.

Intercultural Center for Study of Deserts and Oceans, AC
Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico C.P. 83550 Phone and FAX: 01 638.

And now! I’m asking you to also write a letter. Please, read the letter provided below and request the resort builders follow the law, quit negatively impacting the La Cholla estuary and tell them to stop immediately. This estuary is very important to ‘our’ environment, also known as Earth, and livelihoods of the Mexicans that live in the La Cholla neighborhood

I have added the translated letter to this story and just added email addresses today, provided by Paloma and Hita from CEDO, so you can send your thoughts immediately.
Lic. Abigail Galvez

Ecol. Martín Saú
RB. Alto Golfo de California y Delta del Río Colorado

M. en C. Oswaldo Mendoza
Desarrollo Urbano y Ecología}
H. Ayuntamiento de Puerto Peñasco

Paloma and Hita
CEDO-Intercultural Thank you very much!!!

13 de septiembre 2011,

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora

Lic. Rafael Carlos Quiroz Narváez

Delegado Regional de PROFEPA

Hermosillo, Sonora

P R E S E N T E :

Through this I extend the complaint relating to modifications in the flow of water from two channels in the estuary La Cholla (within ZOFEMAT), adjacent to the facilities at the Laguna del Mar located in the town of Puerto Penasco , Sonora.

It should be noted  the Estero La Cholla is located within the buffer zone of Biosphere Reserve of the Upper Gulf of California and Colorado River Delta as well as being part of the object of conservation Adair Bay Ramsar site.

In Field trips conducted by the Coastal Conservation team for bird monitoring in wetlands, on April 1 this year, we saw the first modifications that were doing in a creek channel.

The channel had the presence of stones, sheets and partitions proved the beginning of construction on the channel of the estuary. During this visit we crossed the facilities at the Laguna del Mar and found near your golf course, material and construction equipment with the same characteristics as of the material that was in the channel of the estuary.

Later on July 29, on a tour to the same stream where the team Coastal Conservation CEDO team was giving a bird monitoring trainig to monitors form Community Network Ejidos Adair Bay Wetlands (REHBA) we find a modification of a stream channel more advanced. A stream channel is completely closed thereby altering the flow of water from this. A few meters there was evidence of  the beginning of a new building that showed the close of the second channel of the same estuary.

In August 2, we received a report by REHBA group monitoring and surveillance, which works under PROCODES supported by the RB of the Gulf, where we are given notice of what was found on its tour, the two channels of the cholla near the Laguna del Mar  complex are sealed in their entirety. CEDO Team for Coastal Conservation comes the same day to the  place and finds staff hired by Laguna del Mar making modifications with machinery, we found out it was people working for the resort because they were asked and they did provided this information. Data were collected from the coordinates of the two points where the channels are modified: Channel 2 (N 31.34630 W113.60809) and channel 2 (N 31.34537 W 113.60799).

REHBA and CEDO we gave notice to the staff of the RB. Upper Gulf which asked us to file the complaint directly to PROFEPA.
Yesterday, September 12, 2011, at a CEDO training meeting imparted to Sub Rocky Advisory Council of the Upper Gulf RB, CEDO asked ecology municipal authorities and urban development to support in the denunciation of this acts, so it is that this complaint is made to continue the environmental protocol to PROFEPA, waiting obtain a response to stop and protect the ecological character of this valuable ecosystem which is also part of an ANP and a place at International Priority.

No more for now, thank you for your attention and ask to take action as soon as possible to stop this damage to the ecosystem of the estuary La Cholla.

Intercultural Center for Study of Deserts and Oceans, AC
Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico C.P. 83550
Phone and FAX: 01 638
P. S. We attach photographs of the changes.
complaint with these acts, which is that