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Manning and Assange   Leave a comment

I just read that Bradley Manning and Julian Assange have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  I also read this will not help them with their legal issues, ‘necessarily’. How can that be?   Why does the truth not set them free?

I read the idea of selling our post offices is being bounced around in our government. How can they sell OUR post offices, what large corporation will deliver OUR votes if we don’t have a post office?  How will people get mail that live in places without anything but a post office?

And then I read about the peaceful march happening in New York and saw images of police brutality.  I thought while watching and reading, “that if I lived in NY, I would be at those marches, if it were only closer, I thought.” Sometime later I heard that there would be a march in San Francisco, ‘close to me’ and then I thought, “I’m too afraid to go, I’m a non-violent, I’m…..” and then I burst into tears.  All of those thoughts are truths.  I am afraid, I am non-violent, and I do live close.

I will be going to the march, though I am afraid, non-violent and a cry baby. I am over-riding my natural impulse to stay away from danger and protest from afar. The ability to over-ride my-Self, is what I believe makes us different from other mammals.

I encourage all of us to peacefully protest the inequities in our current society, over-ride yourself if need be. We are powerful together, without violence.

Free Bradley Manning and Julian Assange


In Response to Feedback   Leave a comment

I am urged on to write by Emil; someone who ‘felt’ then ‘wrote’ and gave me feedback about my blog after reading ‘Timeliness’, in the Family/Mom category.

Feedback or influence, is part of my process. I am thrilled to get Emil’s comment. It’s difficult to give constructive feedback, but he did and I am influenced.

So Emil, I will add film and video to my blog in the coming months, maybe weeks, even though ‘my time is not my own’.

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Roy Allison Merritt contd.   4 comments

Roy A. Merritt, artist of the hot pink, Elvis U.S. stamp,  survived his quadruple bi-pass, open heart surgery. Rumor has it Mr. Merritt, known for his dark humor, said before his surgery, “even the condemned get a last meal.”  He’d gotten his the day before. He is up walking, eating, and I hear, marching to his own drum.   Many wish him a speedy recovery.

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Maps Only: Radical Cartography in Contemporary Art, SF/2012   1 comment

I was inspired to write after reading UK artist, Brian Jones’ email describing his map. An integration of punk graphics, Dada, in an imagined city, or on a ‘family tree’, all in print form.  Recently censored, his print, ‘Broke Back Britain’ is a play on british stereotypes. It gave me a chuckle. You can see his work at

Roy A. Merritt   Leave a comment

Roy A. Merritt, a self-taught artist, born in North Carolina in the 1940’s.   His trademark, the use of color that one does not often see used in straight-up portraiture. He uses brightly colored pen and pencils and is a fabulous painter. I believe he is most well known for the hot pink, colored pen drawing of Elvis, a portrait, now a U.S. stamp.  A fine and fun rendition of the King. Check out the Elvis stamp and see the feeling Merritt captures of the King.
Roy A. Merritt suffered a serious heart attack last week and will undergo surgery, Sept. 26th, 2011, in North Carolina. I’m thinking of him.

Maps Only: Radical Cartography in Contemporary Art   2 comments

Earlier, this year I saw Heather Green’s, “Vermillion Remains” at the museum of  Contemporary Arts, in Mesa, Az. Her exhibit was beautiful and educational and about the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. She used washed up sea glass, designed simple, but elegant containers to hold the history of what the ocean sent back to shore. She painted, printed and gave away at this show.

She is a favorite artist of mine, so I invited her to make a map for Maps Only/2012.  “Yes”, she said she would love to show her work in San Francisco. Her work will require wall and pedestal. She’s private about what she will be working on and may or may not read what others are working on, so as not to be influenced. I assured her every artists map would be radically different from one another, even if she participated in our group system of communication.

If you are following Maps Only: Radical Cartography in Contemporary Art, then you know I am interested in the process. This is it, the process is happening! Heather sent a list of titles she thought might be appropriate for this show and with the addition of only one word, the word, ‘Only’, I chose one of her title choices. I credit her with the name of this show. It is marvelous! You can see more of Heather Green’s work at

Maps Only, SF 2012   Leave a comment

Maxine Kraemer, my long time neighbor and friend is now assistant curator for Maps Only.  We will not choose the art for this show, the artist invited will do that.  We though, will follow the process together.

Look for Maxine in the details of the ‘Maps Only’ show.  She will help organize the placement of art on the walls, on the floor, on shelves.  She will interface with all of the food and photo people, she’ll know the name of every Map and Artist. If the pirate fountain breaks, look for Maxine trying to make if work and “it will work.”

She studied art in Spain, returned to the U.S. to study speech therapy.  Her office was a work of art,  handmade games, color coded boxes.  It was a room designed with thought and an eye for color. She has taught me many things and in particular, this information has been invaluable to me, “like items go together, even if you use them in every room, they still go together in the same place.”  I use this tenet and pass it on when appropriate. I look forward to working with her and learning from her.

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