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Thinking about the Front Yard Garden 2013   Leave a comment

The rains have begun late this year and because of this it has been a long and fruitful growing year for the front yard garden. The flowers from the squash and sungold cherry tomatoes were picked, the squash itself nurtured, all by neighbors unknown.

Food plants are meant to die back, drop their seed and nourish the soil as they go. All of this takes time, the garden is not always “pretty”, as the seasons work toward the plants end and the soil rests. Recently someone called the non emergency number in San Francisco to report that the front yard garden was a Danger- high priority. I could see as I took a look at the garden that it might be a bother to someone getting out of their car, not dangerous, but “definitely a bother.”

The front yard food garden is separated by a driveway that has a rose tree and other non food plants. The non food part of the garden touches my neighbors garden.  I garden their plot also. My neighbors got a letter about the front yard garden.  I had begged these neighbors I consider friends to be part of the city planting that was happening in the Mission District, and now they are displeased with me and the front yard garden. The letter we both got has not made them want to keep their front yard garden any more than they already did not want to have the front yard garden.  Before and after getting the letters the gardens were prettied up.

I plant and maintain these gardens for all of the folks that like finding free treasure, for folks with plenty and for folks with not enough.  There are millions of hungry people in the U.S.A. and this garden helps me feel better about that fact.

Another neighbor, a friend had told me to expect the letter.  This neighbor is one of the many gardeners in the front yard garden. He was a farmer in Mexico and has given me many garden tips. He said he had tried to explain fallow soil and why it was messy.  He said she did not understand.

I realize many do not know that plants are alive. Plants are alive.


Maps Only: Radical Cartography in Contemporary Art 2012   9 comments

Maps Only: Radical Cartography in Contemporary Art, has been in the works for a year or so. The show opens at 7pm, on May 26th and hangs until June 25th, 2012, at Back to the Picture Latin American Gallery, 934 Valencia Street, between 20th and 21st Streets, in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Brian Jones work,  “Pistol Pop N Dada”  “A secret history tracing the development of what was to manifest itself as ‘punk graphics’ in late twentieth century Britain, back through Pop Art, John Heartfield and ultimately to Dada. The piece is based on the research that I did for an (as yet) unpublished book of the same title. It’s been in my head for years. I had always intended that there ought to a ‘map’ to accompany it, and sketched the rough idea, then put it aside to mature.”

Char Green, “San Francisco in My Hair”, “Our personal geography, the landscapes that surround us throughout out lives, shape who we are, in ways that reach to the very heart of who we are, leaving their indelible marks – their maps – upon us.”

Deborah Sciales, “Transmigration of Radiation: We all live in Japan.” “Radiation still leaks from the now-closed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, where 100,000 people have been evacuated from a 12-mile no-go zone. The reactor involved was designed by the Southern California-based Rosemead utility, Edison, and foisted on the Japanese by the US government. This work is in no way reproachful of the Japanese people, but rather is a condemnation of US policies of nuclear imperialism as practiced internationally.”

Fernando Marti, “Mis Misiones.”  “My art explores the clash of the Third World in the heart of Empire, and the tension between inhabiting place and the urge to build something transformative.”

Heather Green, “Impact Study”, “In an environment that is rapidly transforming due to human impacts, something as simple as the far reaches of the ebbing tide or as complex as the interconnected and biodiverse forms exposed during its wake may go unnoticed. My projects and installations explore and pay homage to peripheral or even vanishing places and species whose delicate survival depends on our awareness of them. The majority of my work focuses on La Cholla, a small place near Puerto Peñasco in Sonora, Mexico, a place I have known my whole life. By focusing on a singular place my work aims to engender witness, wonder, and regard.
 Through a phenomenological investigation of counting, charting, collecting and displaying what is found in this region, I invite speculation about what can be known and what will remain unknowable, what can be seen and what will never be seen again.”

Mary Brown, “Relocation”, ” The map “Relocation” reflects my interest in take-able public art, treasure maps, and underlying historical layers.”

Oliver Lowe, “Legend of Lost Rumbullion,”,    “It is the Age of Reason, and Science heralds the foreshortening of the World. As Empirical and Scientific expeditions proliferate, defining and quantifying the Known (and Unknown) Worlds, more and more the Fantastic and the Fabled are forced to recede into the Realm of Mythos.

Randy Figures, “Aestos”, one section of a mythical map that has been in the works for years and is being shown for the first time in the Maps Only show.

The Reverend Lordrifa, “True North”: A Consecration of Polar Dimensions”  an audio map in 5  dimensional space, with images of Holy Sites projected onto coordinates. The Reverend’s band, “True North” will film and interview the artists after their audio performance, another part of their performance.

Richard Keltner, “Another House”  and ” Top of the Bay”, a man of few words, “my preferred medium is pastels.”

Sarah Dorrance, “Infinite Possibilities”, deals with issues of permanence.

La Cholla, Mexico   Leave a comment

Heather Green, is an artist deeply involved in preserving the land and ocean, everywhere, with a lifelong attachment to La Cholla, Mexico, the Sea of Cortez. She wrote asking me to write a letter to the organization below, as I also have a long time attachment to this area.

Intercultural Center for Study of Deserts and Oceans, AC
Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico C.P. 83550 Phone and FAX: 01 638.

And now! I’m asking you to also write a letter. Please, read the letter provided below and request the resort builders follow the law, quit negatively impacting the La Cholla estuary and tell them to stop immediately. This estuary is very important to ‘our’ environment, also known as Earth, and livelihoods of the Mexicans that live in the La Cholla neighborhood

I have added the translated letter to this story and just added email addresses today, provided by Paloma and Hita from CEDO, so you can send your thoughts immediately.
Lic. Abigail Galvez

Ecol. Martín Saú
RB. Alto Golfo de California y Delta del Río Colorado

M. en C. Oswaldo Mendoza
Desarrollo Urbano y Ecología}
H. Ayuntamiento de Puerto Peñasco

Paloma and Hita
CEDO-Intercultural Thank you very much!!!

13 de septiembre 2011,

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora

Lic. Rafael Carlos Quiroz Narváez

Delegado Regional de PROFEPA

Hermosillo, Sonora

P R E S E N T E :

Through this I extend the complaint relating to modifications in the flow of water from two channels in the estuary La Cholla (within ZOFEMAT), adjacent to the facilities at the Laguna del Mar located in the town of Puerto Penasco , Sonora.

It should be noted  the Estero La Cholla is located within the buffer zone of Biosphere Reserve of the Upper Gulf of California and Colorado River Delta as well as being part of the object of conservation Adair Bay Ramsar site.

In Field trips conducted by the Coastal Conservation team for bird monitoring in wetlands, on April 1 this year, we saw the first modifications that were doing in a creek channel.

The channel had the presence of stones, sheets and partitions proved the beginning of construction on the channel of the estuary. During this visit we crossed the facilities at the Laguna del Mar and found near your golf course, material and construction equipment with the same characteristics as of the material that was in the channel of the estuary.

Later on July 29, on a tour to the same stream where the team Coastal Conservation CEDO team was giving a bird monitoring trainig to monitors form Community Network Ejidos Adair Bay Wetlands (REHBA) we find a modification of a stream channel more advanced. A stream channel is completely closed thereby altering the flow of water from this. A few meters there was evidence of  the beginning of a new building that showed the close of the second channel of the same estuary.

In August 2, we received a report by REHBA group monitoring and surveillance, which works under PROCODES supported by the RB of the Gulf, where we are given notice of what was found on its tour, the two channels of the cholla near the Laguna del Mar  complex are sealed in their entirety. CEDO Team for Coastal Conservation comes the same day to the  place and finds staff hired by Laguna del Mar making modifications with machinery, we found out it was people working for the resort because they were asked and they did provided this information. Data were collected from the coordinates of the two points where the channels are modified: Channel 2 (N 31.34630 W113.60809) and channel 2 (N 31.34537 W 113.60799).

REHBA and CEDO we gave notice to the staff of the RB. Upper Gulf which asked us to file the complaint directly to PROFEPA.
Yesterday, September 12, 2011, at a CEDO training meeting imparted to Sub Rocky Advisory Council of the Upper Gulf RB, CEDO asked ecology municipal authorities and urban development to support in the denunciation of this acts, so it is that this complaint is made to continue the environmental protocol to PROFEPA, waiting obtain a response to stop and protect the ecological character of this valuable ecosystem which is also part of an ANP and a place at International Priority.

No more for now, thank you for your attention and ask to take action as soon as possible to stop this damage to the ecosystem of the estuary La Cholla.

Intercultural Center for Study of Deserts and Oceans, AC
Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico C.P. 83550
Phone and FAX: 01 638
P. S. We attach photographs of the changes.
complaint with these acts, which is that