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2 Chronicle S. Dorrance and House Sparrow Studio presents Contemporary Group Art Show   Leave a comment

The group show being put together opening the holiday weekend in San Francisco, California at the “Back to the Picture, The Latin American Gallery”, in May/2014 is about Water.  Currently artists are being invited, letters are being sent and yesterday the photographs for the postcard which always shows “me and my dog” was being shot out at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California, USA.

Nick on the wall, with Golden Gate Park at his back theatrically improvising his Love Dogs Talk.

Nick on the wall, with Golden Gate Park at his back theatrically improvising his Love Dogs Talk.

Maxine Kraemer, Assistant Curator for the Water Show was also the photographer for this shoot which included our own actor, Nick. It happens that there is a Big Corporate Woman’s Run, happening this weekend October 19th or 20th, 2013 with part of it being on The Ocean(s) Highway, with tents set up in the parking lot, next to the beach, in the outer Richmond District of San Francisco.

Pacific Ocean San Francisco, California USA living and beautiful

Pacific Ocean San Francisco, California USA living and beautiful

Pacific Ocean alive and beautifully powerful

Pacific Ocean alive and beautifully powerful

Surfers at the Pacific Ocean, Ocean Beach on a lovely day.

Surfers at the Pacific Ocean, Ocean Beach on a lovely day.

This  just happened to be the day we had chosen for our photo shoot. Nick was a great theater person and added much to the importance and humor of our artful mission, to get the perfect picture for our collaborative postcard.

Maxine Kraemer has a great eye so it took little time to get our perfect image. We hung out for a bit after the shoot, sipped our water, watched the surfers at the Pacific Ocean, Ocean Beach, breathing in the negative ions on a beautiful, sunny and breezy day.

The Postcard will be something we work on together late into this process

Nick seeing us off after our photo shoot

Nick seeing us off after our photo shoot





Spring in the Front Yard Garden   3 comments

The weather this year has been a bit confusing.  It has been unusually cold in San Francisco, California and hot. My seeds did not do well, but the self seeded plants seem to be growing nicely; ” nature knows so much better than me.”

The mustard has been popular, the peas need some explaining. I will be planting squash plants for the popular squash flower soon, so be watching for that.

My Mom is a Rock   Leave a comment

My mothers only grand-daughter made a card for her when she was quite young that sums her up well, “Grandma, you are a rock.”

Dog Watching   Leave a comment

I am watching another dog besides my own. I wouldn’t call it ‘dog sitting’ as I have little time to ‘sit’ with these two dogs around. I have realized ‘my dog’ while watching this dog that is not my own.  My dog, a terrier, is quite jealous, not a mean dog, but bossy and loud.  My dog knows ALL of the rules, though with no other dog around, she rarely follows commands quickly, needing to think about them for a minute before making a commitment to obey. Since Mary Dogs arrival, my dog follows every command quickly and loudly announcing to Mary Dog how and when things are done.

Mary Dog is here for less than a week.  It’s only been one night so far, I hope I can take it.

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Roy Allison Merritt contd.   4 comments

Roy A. Merritt, artist of the hot pink, Elvis U.S. stamp,  survived his quadruple bi-pass, open heart surgery. Rumor has it Mr. Merritt, known for his dark humor, said before his surgery, “even the condemned get a last meal.”  He’d gotten his the day before. He is up walking, eating, and I hear, marching to his own drum.   Many wish him a speedy recovery.

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Roy A. Merritt   Leave a comment

Roy A. Merritt, a self-taught artist, born in North Carolina in the 1940’s.   His trademark, the use of color that one does not often see used in straight-up portraiture. He uses brightly colored pen and pencils and is a fabulous painter. I believe he is most well known for the hot pink, colored pen drawing of Elvis, a portrait, now a U.S. stamp.  A fine and fun rendition of the King. Check out the Elvis stamp and see the feeling Merritt captures of the King.
Roy A. Merritt suffered a serious heart attack last week and will undergo surgery, Sept. 26th, 2011, in North Carolina. I’m thinking of him.

‘chaos triangle’ of change   Leave a comment

My time is not my own lately and I have a lot of time to think and I’ve been wondering this; have you changed since you’ve left your families home?  Have you changed and your family doesn’t know you’ve changed?

These need not be huge changes in how you are now, verses who you were then, but are you different than your family thinks you are? Does your family have an image of who you are that is out of date, not you any longer? Do they remember the memories that have influenced the image you have chosen for yourself?

Families change, each member has ‘their’ memories, they are not who they were when they left home. Remember to make room for the ‘chaos triangle’ of change.

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