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Fukushima is Here at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, at the Pacific Ocean   Leave a comment

I wrote about a photo shoot that happened at Ocean Beach for a group art show I am curating, “WATER Currents in Contemporary Art”, opening May/2014.  I mentioned the corporate women’s run, but did not mention what I consider to be the most important thing going on at Ocean Beach in San Francisco’s (same place as my photo shoot), Outer Richmond District is a planned  massive gathering “Fukushima is Here”, tomorrow, Saturday 19, October 2013, same as the run.

BART is not running, “rightfully I believe”, so plan to take the bus or MUNI out to Ocean Beach, parking will be non existent.

I am imagining the mine blowing realization that the corporate workers will have when they realize Fukushima is Here!  What will the middle higher ups think? and the the higher higher ups? and their bosses?  Who will get blamed?

Many folks who have not thought of radiation all year will have had an unplanned for education. “Fukushima is Here”!

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Rain   Leave a comment

It’s raining, almost meaningfully. I use to love the rain.  I still do mostly, it really cleans up the streets and waters my front and back yard gardens.  The rain does what I do, but so much better.

Friends say it has rained a lot this year, I don’t seem to recall.  I wonder if I have blocked this information out, because of the Fukushima radiation that falls to the ground when it rains in San Francisco?  “We share the weather patterns ‘with’ Japan’; maybe I should say, ‘our radiation’, rather than, ‘Fukushima’s’ radiation, as it is ‘our’ radiation.

Here are some things to Do, if you must be out and in the rain, keep your head covered, wash your rain clothes often and take your shoes off before coming inside your house. If you have a garden and eat food from it, rinse it really well.

I hope it’s a nice steady rain.

Fukushima   Leave a comment

Is the general public hearing of Fukushima?

I look for it everywhere on the web. No luck. Oh, you can read the latest of the ‘no information at all information’.  Where is the information?  What is happening to the people of Japan? Why is it not available to the average person?

Before the Fukushima meltdown I was reading a book about some radical Japanese artists who live off the grid. They use the land, the countryside, making pottery, growing rice and chickens.

Many of the artists the book highlighted, protested nuclear power and had moved to the countryside for a slower, artful life. The potter of this particular community built a nuclear fall-out shelter and used it as tea room before the meltdown of Fukushima.  At the time I was reading this book, I found it thoughtful and novel; building a shelter for the possibility of radiation.

I wonder how he uses it now?  I wonder often about his health?  His families health? I wonder about the others that live in the community? The food; can they eat it, should they eat it?  The rain; should they be outside in the rain working the rice fields? What is safe and can they ever be safe safe?

What is happening to the rest of the humans, plants, animals, the oceans on Earth? Where is this information to be found?

How long can we continue to ignore Fukushima, Davis-Bessie, Chernobyl, just to name a few of the failed or failing nuclear power plants on Earth.