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Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground and  New York Rock and Roll is dead today, October 27, 2013.   A fabulous word smith, artist and performer and poet.  RIP Lou Reed.

I have been so influenced.


Maps Only: Radical Cartography in Contemporary Art 2012   9 comments

Maps Only: Radical Cartography in Contemporary Art, has been in the works for a year or so. The show opens at 7pm, on May 26th and hangs until June 25th, 2012, at Back to the Picture Latin American Gallery, 934 Valencia Street, between 20th and 21st Streets, in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Brian Jones work,  “Pistol Pop N Dada”  “A secret history tracing the development of what was to manifest itself as ‘punk graphics’ in late twentieth century Britain, back through Pop Art, John Heartfield and ultimately to Dada. The piece is based on the research that I did for an (as yet) unpublished book of the same title. It’s been in my head for years. I had always intended that there ought to a ‘map’ to accompany it, and sketched the rough idea, then put it aside to mature.”

Char Green, “San Francisco in My Hair”, “Our personal geography, the landscapes that surround us throughout out lives, shape who we are, in ways that reach to the very heart of who we are, leaving their indelible marks – their maps – upon us.”

Deborah Sciales, “Transmigration of Radiation: We all live in Japan.” “Radiation still leaks from the now-closed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, where 100,000 people have been evacuated from a 12-mile no-go zone. The reactor involved was designed by the Southern California-based Rosemead utility, Edison, and foisted on the Japanese by the US government. This work is in no way reproachful of the Japanese people, but rather is a condemnation of US policies of nuclear imperialism as practiced internationally.”

Fernando Marti, “Mis Misiones.”  “My art explores the clash of the Third World in the heart of Empire, and the tension between inhabiting place and the urge to build something transformative.”

Heather Green, “Impact Study”, “In an environment that is rapidly transforming due to human impacts, something as simple as the far reaches of the ebbing tide or as complex as the interconnected and biodiverse forms exposed during its wake may go unnoticed. My projects and installations explore and pay homage to peripheral or even vanishing places and species whose delicate survival depends on our awareness of them. The majority of my work focuses on La Cholla, a small place near Puerto Peñasco in Sonora, Mexico, a place I have known my whole life. By focusing on a singular place my work aims to engender witness, wonder, and regard.
 Through a phenomenological investigation of counting, charting, collecting and displaying what is found in this region, I invite speculation about what can be known and what will remain unknowable, what can be seen and what will never be seen again.”

Mary Brown, “Relocation”, ” The map “Relocation” reflects my interest in take-able public art, treasure maps, and underlying historical layers.”

Oliver Lowe, “Legend of Lost Rumbullion,”,    “It is the Age of Reason, and Science heralds the foreshortening of the World. As Empirical and Scientific expeditions proliferate, defining and quantifying the Known (and Unknown) Worlds, more and more the Fantastic and the Fabled are forced to recede into the Realm of Mythos.

Randy Figures, “Aestos”, one section of a mythical map that has been in the works for years and is being shown for the first time in the Maps Only show.

The Reverend Lordrifa, “True North”: A Consecration of Polar Dimensions”  an audio map in 5  dimensional space, with images of Holy Sites projected onto coordinates. The Reverend’s band, “True North” will film and interview the artists after their audio performance, another part of their performance.

Richard Keltner, “Another House”  and ” Top of the Bay”, a man of few words, “my preferred medium is pastels.”

Sarah Dorrance, “Infinite Possibilities”, deals with issues of permanence.

Alexander String Quartet   2 comments

Last night the Alexander String Quartet tightly played Dvorak to a full house in Saint Francis Woods.  I could hardly sit still, while I listened and watched, from a front row seat. All of the seats in the house were fine for hearing, but the front row seat! was wonderful for this visual artist.  I could see them making plans with their eyes, their bodies moving to their personal interpretation of the music, each musician fully present.

The best is to ‘see and hear’ the Alexander String Quartet, but if you can’t ‘see’ them perform, they have many recordings available.

Maps Only, 2012   Leave a comment

Today, I made a list of the artists participating in the Maps Only with some that having agreed to join and I have met with, and others that I haven’t yet met. I don’t know what map, half of the artists are making.  This is exciting and a bit stressful.  There are 12 of us, with 2 other possibilities.  There will be much art in this show that does not hang on a wall. There will be sound, ‘Lordrifa and True North’ will make a music map, with just the right amount of sound. There will be interactive maps; maps you can touch.  There will be food by Emery, always a treat. Oliver Lowe has just agreed to join us with his installation of a Pirate Map, so opening night might include a rum grog.

I will be sending out invitations for this event on line as well as by snail mail, still a favorite of mine.  Initially I thought the cover art would be an image of my Ansel Adams topographical mosaic map, but Oliver Lowe’s, Pirate Map Installation has just edged it out as the image to be used.  The postcard is one of my favorite parts of curating a show. If you are interested in getting this postcard send an email with your preferred address or your snail mail address and you will get an invitation when it goes out.

Maxine Kraemer has just agreed to help me organize and make Maps Only: Radical Cartography in Contemporary Art,  a pretty show.

See you May/2012 at Maps Only, in San Fransisco’s Mission District neighborhood.

Jazz with the Kai Eckhardt Group   Leave a comment

This morning I am up early to write about the jazz band called the “Kai Eckhardt Group. ” I heard them with my European friends last night at Savanna Jazz, a club on Mission St., near Cesar Chavez.

I did not stay late enough to hear Rolf, my European friend, play with this groovy jazz band, he’d been invited, but because ‘my time is not my own’ I had to leave early, to be up early.

The bass player Kai, the bands leader, originally from Germany, now living in Berkeley, shares a common friend with Rolf.  I loved the mood he set and he clearly set it. The guitar guy, hugely talented and unassuming, clearly loved playing with the keyboard player. The drummer with the high hat, hidden in the back, fabulous, maybe an American, the other drummer from Africa was great. Both of the drummers, I hate lumping them together, but they do play the drums, so I’m lumping them together, were fabulous. The keyboard player was from Egypt and he was my favorite.

Let’s first say that the band as a whole and separately were fantastic and that I am usually a drum or a bass person.  I love drums, drummers and the bass; and I would “never” say the keyboard is my favorite instrument, but last night it was my favorite. The keyboard player was… he was present, in touch with other instruments and they with him, he did not play too little nor did he overpower. He was just perfect.

Straight ahead jazz this was not, this was their own jazz; each player had moments to lead, each member was able to lead and all of the members were able to follow the lead.

Go see them they are at  Savanna Jazz, the next 3 Thursdays of September.

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Playing on Filmore, in The Filmore   Leave a comment

Magical, memorable, moments seem to  happen to people in the City that don’t seem to happen everywhere you visit on holiday.

My European friend who is visiting us; her boyfriend, Rolf just joined her.  Rolf plays the bass in a band, The Busters, a popular German ska band. They opened in Germany for The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, just days before Rolf arrived in the U.S.

This is the magical, memorable, moment they had together. She and he make plans to go out to hear music. They are seated with two women both named Karen for the musical performance. They visit with the 2 Karens, and are invited and do go, ‘just down the street’, to listen to salsa music. They meet the salsa band members, the 2 Karens happen to know the band members. One of them happens to be German, or something like that and it turns out Rolf and he share friends back in Mein, I believe and Rolf is in! He’s invited to play with the band in the Filmore that evening and the next Thursday also!

Every musician must dream of being invited to do what they love doing most on one of the most musically famous streets in the City.

Our friends will return early from their road trip, so that Rolf can sit in and play again in the Filmore, in the City.

Last nights music   Leave a comment

I met friends at the Amnesia last night for the music, dance and to see the band Goucho. It was packed. Four of them played at my moms 70th Birth Day party, so you know I’m a fan.
Tonight, Goucho was a fabulous 6 piece band. The band included a female drummer, an upright base, 2 guitars, a horn guy and an accordion player. Every time I hear this band I am reminded that each member is  an incredibly talented artist in her or his own right and that they enjoy playing for the crowd.

I love being part of the crowd wherever they are playing and Wednesday nights they are  at the Amnesia.  The Goucho Gypsy Band, I recommend them.

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