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OCCUPY Bisbee, Tucson, Arizona, the ‘Revolution’   Leave a comment

I recently visited Bisbee and Tucson, AZ.  These places were OCCUPIED! In every visit I made there were smiling young women and men, some were students and some were travelers. They were spreading peace and information. They had set up a community of tents and were sharing meals with one another, strangers to themselves. They were not asking for donations, though I gave one.

Oakland and Fremont and police from 16 other places in the Bay area, behaved violently in hope that the protesters would behave violently.  The U.S. wants its citizens to think we are different from the Arabs and Arab Spring, to think we are different from the Iranians.  We are not different!  We are oppressed! How much money was spent on just the police from 17 different places?  How much money was spent on weapons to oppress it’s peaceful protesters in Oakland.  Why is there money for Violence and War and not for our children’s food, education, healthcare?

I just heard or read that Obama was in Denver, Colorado promising 1/2 percent less on student loans.  Half a percent?  That is so little and not nearly enough!  I worry that Americans will take that tiny amount and be satisfied. I worry that the people will be tricked into thinking the Democrats are better than the Republicans and will settle for 1/2 percent off of their student loans. I am sickened with the thought that Americans are simple minded. OCCUPY and the OCCUPIERS are the Real Americans, the Real patriots!

When was the last time the banks gave you back your bounced check fee?  When was the last time our kids ate healthy school lunches?  When was the last time you could explain to the Police that you could not afford that parking ticket and they tore it up? When was the last time you got free books for college or for your child in elementary school? When was the last time the police drove your son home, instead of hauling him off to jail? When did they start taking money, small amounts, multiple times, from our senior citizens?  Where are our pensions?

Don’t be tricked into oppressing your fellow man, let him off when you can! OCCUPY!!!!!!