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Front Yard Garden in Spring 2012   Leave a comment

In 2011 I planted organic squash seeds and pea plants for the neighborhood in the front yard garden. I am revisiting this effort because one of the neighbors saw the lovely red leaf mustard, self seeded and left a note saying, “Great red leaf mustard plant, you guys are great,”  this is one of the many reasons I plant food on the street.

The squash seeds I planted did not come up, but the organic compost I spread on the bed offered up young sprouts that look like young squash or melon. I have always loved self seeded plants, as they are strong and perfect for the soil from where they sprout; the seeds themselves know best where to grow.


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Spring in the Front Yard Garden   3 comments

The weather this year has been a bit confusing.  It has been unusually cold in San Francisco, California and hot. My seeds did not do well, but the self seeded plants seem to be growing nicely; ” nature knows so much better than me.”

The mustard has been popular, the peas need some explaining. I will be planting squash plants for the popular squash flower soon, so be watching for that.

Maps Only: Radical Cartography in Contemporary Art   Leave a comment

Please join us for food, drinks, grog and conversations with the artists, May 26th, 2012 at 7pm, in San Francisco’s Mission District. The artists will be  offering insight into their personal psychogeographies.