Front Yard Garden Food, revisited   2 comments

peas on the east side of the tree

peas first planting of the season

Here are the possible choices of food plants offered to me by a friend, from her Bay area seasonal eating wheel:  squash, bok choy, green beans, lettuce, beets, carrots, onions, mustard greens and peas. I chose peas, as they were easy to get.

Squash is a must, for the blossoms and the fruit, then to peak some interest, educate and feed the soil, green beans. I am also considering bok choy, if there is room in the front yard garden.


2 responses to “Front Yard Garden Food, revisited

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  1. love the pictures and the peas! Ever think about putting out little plant identifiers as I’ve seen in some gardens? would be educational! might get stolen/abused ???

    • Charlee,
      I don’t think people would bother the markers and I love the idea. And even if someone would bother them once or even twice I have found that if I replace things then the neighborhood sees they are valued and things stay for years after.
      Thanks so much for the idea!
      peace, sarah

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