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Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground and  New York Rock and Roll is dead today, October 27, 2013.   A fabulous word smith, artist and performer and poet.  RIP Lou Reed.

I have been so influenced.


Jazz with the Kai Eckhardt Group   Leave a comment

This morning I am up early to write about the jazz band called the “Kai Eckhardt Group. ” I heard them with my European friends last night at Savanna Jazz, a club on Mission St., near Cesar Chavez.

I did not stay late enough to hear Rolf, my European friend, play with this groovy jazz band, he’d been invited, but because ‘my time is not my own’ I had to leave early, to be up early.

The bass player Kai, the bands leader, originally from Germany, now living in Berkeley, shares a common friend with Rolf.  I loved the mood he set and he clearly set it. The guitar guy, hugely talented and unassuming, clearly loved playing with the keyboard player. The drummer with the high hat, hidden in the back, fabulous, maybe an American, the other drummer from Africa was great. Both of the drummers, I hate lumping them together, but they do play the drums, so I’m lumping them together, were fabulous. The keyboard player was from Egypt and he was my favorite.

Let’s first say that the band as a whole and separately were fantastic and that I am usually a drum or a bass person.  I love drums, drummers and the bass; and I would “never” say the keyboard is my favorite instrument, but last night it was my favorite. The keyboard player was… he was present, in touch with other instruments and they with him, he did not play too little nor did he overpower. He was just perfect.

Straight ahead jazz this was not, this was their own jazz; each player had moments to lead, each member was able to lead and all of the members were able to follow the lead.

Go see them they are at  Savanna Jazz, the next 3 Thursdays of September.

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Last nights music   Leave a comment

I met friends at the Amnesia last night for the music, dance and to see the band Goucho. It was packed. Four of them played at my moms 70th Birth Day party, so you know I’m a fan.
Tonight, Goucho was a fabulous 6 piece band. The band included a female drummer, an upright base, 2 guitars, a horn guy and an accordion player. Every time I hear this band I am reminded that each member is  an incredibly talented artist in her or his own right and that they enjoy playing for the crowd.

I love being part of the crowd wherever they are playing and Wednesday nights they are  at the Amnesia.  The Goucho Gypsy Band, I recommend them.

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