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Lou Reed…….   Leave a comment

Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground and  New York Rock and Roll is dead today, October 27, 2013.   A fabulous word smith, artist and performer and poet.  RIP Lou Reed.

I have been so influenced.


Manning and Assange   Leave a comment

I just read that Bradley Manning and Julian Assange have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  I also read this will not help them with their legal issues, ‘necessarily’. How can that be?   Why does the truth not set them free?

I read the idea of selling our post offices is being bounced around in our government. How can they sell OUR post offices, what large corporation will deliver OUR votes if we don’t have a post office?  How will people get mail that live in places without anything but a post office?

And then I read about the peaceful march happening in New York and saw images of police brutality.  I thought while watching and reading, “that if I lived in NY, I would be at those marches, if it were only closer, I thought.” Sometime later I heard that there would be a march in San Francisco, ‘close to me’ and then I thought, “I’m too afraid to go, I’m a non-violent, I’m…..” and then I burst into tears.  All of those thoughts are truths.  I am afraid, I am non-violent, and I do live close.

I will be going to the march, though I am afraid, non-violent and a cry baby. I am over-riding my natural impulse to stay away from danger and protest from afar. The ability to over-ride my-Self, is what I believe makes us different from other mammals.

I encourage all of us to peacefully protest the inequities in our current society, over-ride yourself if need be. We are powerful together, without violence.

Free Bradley Manning and Julian Assange