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Fukushima is Here at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, at the Pacific Ocean   Leave a comment

I wrote about a photo shoot that happened at Ocean Beach for a group art show I am curating, “WATER Currents in Contemporary Art”, opening May/2014.  I mentioned the corporate women’s run, but did not mention what I consider to be the most important thing going on at Ocean Beach in San Francisco’s (same place as my photo shoot), Outer Richmond District is a planned  massive gathering “Fukushima is Here”, tomorrow, Saturday 19, October 2013, same as the run.

BART is not running, “rightfully I believe”, so plan to take the bus or MUNI out to Ocean Beach, parking will be non existent.

I am imagining the mine blowing realization that the corporate workers will have when they realize Fukushima is Here!  What will the middle higher ups think? and the the higher higher ups? and their bosses?  Who will get blamed?

Many folks who have not thought of radiation all year will have had an unplanned for education. “Fukushima is Here”!

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Maps Only, SF 2012   2 comments

Tonight, at Mary Brown’s house we met to talk about her map.  We climbed the stairs to the roof and sat admiring the view of the City. What an amazing, 360′ view from her roof top! After today’s unusually hot, global warming day, the evening air was refreshing. She served lovely and tasty, Two Dog Farm, dry farmed, organic tomatoes and white wine in two sweet glasses painted with birds, gold along the lip, vintage. Her map she said,”will have a botanical element, will definitely hang on the wall and won’t be small.”

The conversation was random and focused, about maps, plants, bikes, food and their opposites.  I learned that paper maps are on there way out, like the car, a sad map fact. I am urged on by this sad fact, to work harder on my Ansel Adams Wilderness mosaic topographical map.

When she talked about her map it seemed to me textural, possibly of some local San Francisco spot.  I was excited as she talked about her ideas, random she said, though they did not seem random nor unconnected to me. Maybe it will be a take away piece of art, as she is not at all interested in the money aspect of art. She said the pirate map was a ‘genius idea’ and it is Oliver Lowe.  She’d love to be in discussion with the other artists over the web, be involved in the process.

The idea of not taking money for art is funny to me. One of the many reasons I curate art shows is to highlight the fact that artists must make money, or make a trade that in some, clear way, meets their particular needs. I encourage the guests to support the arts, to think of buying art as supporting an artist, a person.

We/they/me eat too and need greenbacks, pesos, to do so. Art is Fun, but it is our work.

Golden Gate Park   1 comment

Because ‘my time has not been my own’, I have luckily been in Golden Gate Park many times in the last few weeks, driving. I use to think of the park as my back yard when I lived in the Richmond district.  When I have a need to be in that area, as I do now,  I always find a way to use the park as part of my route.

Today I’ll take you on my drive through Golden Gate Park, entering on the Haight side. My landmark to the entrance of the park is the tree that has the lights on it during the December holidays, but stands majestically and cannot be missed even without it lights.  It looks fabulous! This is JFK Drive.

Ahead, on the south side before the Conservatory is the Rhododendron Dell. It’s old.  Just a bit further and to the north, is the Conservatory.  Below it, where the ponds use to be, flowers and succulents are planted.  There is a working clock buried in one of the plantings, it was 9:18 am when I passed by this morning.

After the ponds were gone, but before the renovation of the conservatory and its current bright whiteness; the doors were always open , it was free, the windows were broken or missing and there were lush, giant, plants, trees and moss growing everywhere. It was quite a romantic place when not alone and a bit spooky when you were alone. I went often, it was ‘my back yard’.

Moving along JFK Drive, to the south is the museum area.  You can’t miss the buildings, with their parking garage, they are huge. Moving along JFK on the south side and up the hill is Stowe Lake, with its paddle and row boat rentals.

Further along and on the north side is the Rose Garden, some blooms still left, but most have spent their flowers.  After we pass Marx Meadow we come to the  buffaloes.  Many of them were out and laying in their paddock. You use to be able to feed them. It makes sense to not let humans  feed them, not everyone feeds them organic apples.  On the same side as the buffaloes, but further west is Sprekels Lake, where a friend of mine, Susan RIP has a bench. This morning there are many old men playing chess or dominoes and sailing their motorized boats.

This is where I exit the park, just after the lake.  I hope you will go and find your own favorite walk or drive through the manicured, wilderness of Golden Gate Park.

smiling helps   Leave a comment

When your time is not your own smiling helps.
I have needed to be a little more flexible because, “my time is not my own”.  I walk when I must, not when I want, drive a car for its quickness, not take the bus or ride my bike and walk my dog when I can.

Though this is not my favorite way of being in the world, I have found that smiling helps. Just the lifting of the corners of your mouth and smiling, even if you are not feeling it, helps. I think the brain must be conditioned to feel a bit better when the face smiles.

Smile when you think of it, even if you are not feeling it. I hope you will feel you better; I do.

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The job of an artist   Leave a comment

It seems that if you live in my city you can be censored. One day “they” can  stop our cell phone conversations in public places, the next day our public transportation can be halted; we can be told to get off of our already paid for ride and then our lack of a ride is used to silence our questions.

People going from one place to another, minding all of our business or minding their own business, just as my European Tourist friend was, were told to get off of the train with no explanation. She came home to our house, after a paid for bus ride, where she is a guest and told us she had been told to get off the train downtown and wondered if something horrible was happening.

 Something horrible was happening, our rights were being usurped by Our Public transit system!  The train was boarded and emptied to stop a protest; our lovely friend, with her lovely accent asked, ” they are afraid of the protests”? It seems “they” are.

Isn’t it the job of the artist, the scientist or the citizen; the job of pushing the envelope?

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