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Golden Gate Park   1 comment

Because ‘my time has not been my own’, I have luckily been in Golden Gate Park many times in the last few weeks, driving. I use to think of the park as my back yard when I lived in the Richmond district.  When I have a need to be in that area, as I do now,  I always find a way to use the park as part of my route.

Today I’ll take you on my drive through Golden Gate Park, entering on the Haight side. My landmark to the entrance of the park is the tree that has the lights on it during the December holidays, but stands majestically and cannot be missed even without it lights.  It looks fabulous! This is JFK Drive.

Ahead, on the south side before the Conservatory is the Rhododendron Dell. It’s old.  Just a bit further and to the north, is the Conservatory.  Below it, where the ponds use to be, flowers and succulents are planted.  There is a working clock buried in one of the plantings, it was 9:18 am when I passed by this morning.

After the ponds were gone, but before the renovation of the conservatory and its current bright whiteness; the doors were always open , it was free, the windows were broken or missing and there were lush, giant, plants, trees and moss growing everywhere. It was quite a romantic place when not alone and a bit spooky when you were alone. I went often, it was ‘my back yard’.

Moving along JFK Drive, to the south is the museum area.  You can’t miss the buildings, with their parking garage, they are huge. Moving along JFK on the south side and up the hill is Stowe Lake, with its paddle and row boat rentals.

Further along and on the north side is the Rose Garden, some blooms still left, but most have spent their flowers.  After we pass Marx Meadow we come to the  buffaloes.  Many of them were out and laying in their paddock. You use to be able to feed them. It makes sense to not let humans  feed them, not everyone feeds them organic apples.  On the same side as the buffaloes, but further west is Sprekels Lake, where a friend of mine, Susan RIP has a bench. This morning there are many old men playing chess or dominoes and sailing their motorized boats.

This is where I exit the park, just after the lake.  I hope you will go and find your own favorite walk or drive through the manicured, wilderness of Golden Gate Park.