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Thinking about the Front Yard Garden 2013   Leave a comment

The rains have begun late this year and because of this it has been a long and fruitful growing year for the front yard garden. The flowers from the squash and sungold cherry tomatoes were picked, the squash itself nurtured, all by neighbors unknown.

Food plants are meant to die back, drop their seed and nourish the soil as they go. All of this takes time, the garden is not always “pretty”, as the seasons work toward the plants end and the soil rests. Recently someone called the non emergency number in San Francisco to report that the front yard garden was a Danger- high priority. I could see as I took a look at the garden that it might be a bother to someone getting out of their car, not dangerous, but “definitely a bother.”

The front yard food garden is separated by a driveway that has a rose tree and other non food plants. The non food part of the garden touches my neighbors garden.  I garden their plot also. My neighbors got a letter about the front yard garden.  I had begged these neighbors I consider friends to be part of the city planting that was happening in the Mission District, and now they are displeased with me and the front yard garden. The letter we both got has not made them want to keep their front yard garden any more than they already did not want to have the front yard garden.  Before and after getting the letters the gardens were prettied up.

I plant and maintain these gardens for all of the folks that like finding free treasure, for folks with plenty and for folks with not enough.  There are millions of hungry people in the U.S.A. and this garden helps me feel better about that fact.

Another neighbor, a friend had told me to expect the letter.  This neighbor is one of the many gardeners in the front yard garden. He was a farmer in Mexico and has given me many garden tips. He said he had tried to explain fallow soil and why it was messy.  He said she did not understand.

I realize many do not know that plants are alive. Plants are alive.


Fukushima is Here at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, at the Pacific Ocean   Leave a comment

I wrote about a photo shoot that happened at Ocean Beach for a group art show I am curating, “WATER Currents in Contemporary Art”, opening May/2014.  I mentioned the corporate women’s run, but did not mention what I consider to be the most important thing going on at Ocean Beach in San Francisco’s (same place as my photo shoot), Outer Richmond District is a planned  massive gathering “Fukushima is Here”, tomorrow, Saturday 19, October 2013, same as the run.

BART is not running, “rightfully I believe”, so plan to take the bus or MUNI out to Ocean Beach, parking will be non existent.

I am imagining the mine blowing realization that the corporate workers will have when they realize Fukushima is Here!  What will the middle higher ups think? and the the higher higher ups? and their bosses?  Who will get blamed?

Many folks who have not thought of radiation all year will have had an unplanned for education. “Fukushima is Here”!

For more information go to

2 Chronicle S. Dorrance and House Sparrow Studio presents Contemporary Group Art Show   Leave a comment

The group show being put together opening the holiday weekend in San Francisco, California at the “Back to the Picture, The Latin American Gallery”, in May/2014 is about Water.  Currently artists are being invited, letters are being sent and yesterday the photographs for the postcard which always shows “me and my dog” was being shot out at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California, USA.

Nick on the wall, with Golden Gate Park at his back theatrically improvising his Love Dogs Talk.

Nick on the wall, with Golden Gate Park at his back theatrically improvising his Love Dogs Talk.

Maxine Kraemer, Assistant Curator for the Water Show was also the photographer for this shoot which included our own actor, Nick. It happens that there is a Big Corporate Woman’s Run, happening this weekend October 19th or 20th, 2013 with part of it being on The Ocean(s) Highway, with tents set up in the parking lot, next to the beach, in the outer Richmond District of San Francisco.

Pacific Ocean San Francisco, California USA living and beautiful

Pacific Ocean San Francisco, California USA living and beautiful

Pacific Ocean alive and beautifully powerful

Pacific Ocean alive and beautifully powerful

Surfers at the Pacific Ocean, Ocean Beach on a lovely day.

Surfers at the Pacific Ocean, Ocean Beach on a lovely day.

This  just happened to be the day we had chosen for our photo shoot. Nick was a great theater person and added much to the importance and humor of our artful mission, to get the perfect picture for our collaborative postcard.

Maxine Kraemer has a great eye so it took little time to get our perfect image. We hung out for a bit after the shoot, sipped our water, watched the surfers at the Pacific Ocean, Ocean Beach, breathing in the negative ions on a beautiful, sunny and breezy day.

The Postcard will be something we work on together late into this process

Nick seeing us off after our photo shoot

Nick seeing us off after our photo shoot




BART Closure and OCCUPY Oaklands Champion Dan Siegel   Leave a comment

Police raided the OCCUPY Oakland site early this morning and closed BART.  BART is OUR public transportation and Oakland is OUR city!

OCCUPY Oakland Champion Dan Siegel, one of the mayor Quan’s top legal advisers, resigned over the decision to raid the anti-Wall Street protest encampment on Nov.14th, 2011, a civil rights attorney and friend of Quan, he worked as an unpaid adviser. He has been a outspoken critic of Oakland police and also had opposed the Oct. 25th, 2011 raid. What are the rules for closure of BART Dan?

Oppose the raids and the closure of BART!  The government media can focus on cleanliness and the rules made by the police for the protesters at Frank Ogawa Plaza, but as many of us know and saw from the Oct.25th, OCCUPY Oakland raid and from the raids happening across the country, the police rules are in their favor and the force they use has dire consequences. The focus on silly issues keeps the citizens of the U.S. from thinking about the violence perpetrated on the OCCUPIERS in and around the U.S.

This is OUR U.S. government, not Egypt’s, not Iran’s, places we have been taught wrongly that refuse their citizens their rights. This is the U.S. that is refusing us our civil right to FREE SPEECH and PROTEST. This is OUR government refusing us OUR CIVIL RIGHTS, not some place most U.S. citizens have never been, not some other country we’ve been lied to about.

This IS OURland of the free and home of the brave’, GO OCCUPIERS!

modern day world heroes   Leave a comment

This morning I woke up wondering where is Bradley Manning?  I wonder how he is doing?  Are they feeding him good food, is he getting regular sleep, contact?  Do the guards know he is a hero? Do they know that he has spoken a truth, and that we the people must realize this truth?  How must the guards feel?  It all trickles somewhere, these feelings, I mean.

And what about Julian Assange?  How is he feeling after being locked into someones house he may know or not know well, for months? How must he feel about the media not covering his braveness? Will others be less brave after witnessing how his truth has been treated?

Remember Daniel Ellsberg or Brian Wilson?  Remember these brave men who spoke the truth and were punished? These men have lived to see another life, a very different life. How must they feel watching these truths be suppressed?

Do we humans know that Bradley and Julian, Daniel and Brian are modern day world heroes that have been imprisoned, tortured or injured?  How must we feel about imprisonment and torture? It all trickles somewhere, these feelings, I mean.

Censored   Leave a comment

Recenty, I have spoken to two artists that after having been told their work would be shown in public places, a cafe and the Wrexham Print International, both this year, 2011 and were censored.
Yesterday, I was in the gallery where the Maps Only show is going to hang in 2012 and there was the woman who had her work deemed unpalatable for coffee drinkers and was asked to take it down by the owner or manager, or someone in charge. So, because she was  in the gallery with her work, saying she had gotten another show because of this censorship, I asked if I might see the work. She showed me anything I wanted to see.
I was shocked! This was censored work!? There was nothing at all that seemed to me inappropriate. Really Not-a-thing. She said the show was about emptying her mothers house after she had died. The image I really liked was of a dog and a clock; the only mammal in the show, in a room with a clock marking the time. The dog looked at the camera with a dog kind of look, there was a peaceful feel to the image. She will be showing this censored show in some radical gallery in Oregon.

The other artist censored, Brian Jones just happens to be making a Map for the Maps Only show in San Francisco, 2012.  His print Brokeback Britain was to have been shown  from 25th March to 18th May, 2011 in Oriel Wrecsam, before touring Britain for the next 12 months.

I laughed when I saw it, which is what he said he hoped would happen. I saw the HOT pink print, but it’s available in other colors. It’s ‘clearly’ of the prime minister and his deputy, facing one another, dressed in cowboy outfits, no pants. When I communicated with Brian he said “being a cowboy” in Britain refers to a workman that does a bad job, particularly a builder and the phrase “all mouth and no trousers”  means spouting-off without substance, hence the the image. If you don’t want to see male parts, don’t go to his site

If you do go not mind seeing male parts and go to his site please let him know where you read it.

I thought the print was funny, intelligent and political at a time when we need to be able to express our thoughts with art or possibly lose our right.


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