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1 Chronicle S.Dorrance presents ‘Contemporary Group Art Show’ May/June 2014   2 comments

I am  chronicling my process for organizing and presenting my next group show. May to June 2014, San Francisco, California. I think the title is one of the most important parts of the show.  I am giving it deep thought and I have a bit of direction. I talk about it with any who will participate in the discussion. I look for others to name it; it usually comes together for me in that way.

I am in my mind often these days, picking the artists, 1st initials only f,c,s/j,j,L/,j,w,d,/r,j,e,/d,o,m?/,v, h?. There may be others, some of these may not participate. Some of the artists will read this blog looking for their letter. This is a lot of artists.  Too many?  I will have to ponder this number. I may have a size limit? Something to think about.

I am considering spaces. I have loyalties, things I want to support in my neighborhood and things that support me. I always like to include my neighbors in my projects. I will begin working from my street level House Sparrow Mosaic Studio (new name for my long time studio space) soon, on my mosaic for this show and begin collecting my neighbors ideas.  I may get my show title this way. The interactions I have with my neighbors when I am working on a project  keep me motivated and not only in my alone head.  House Sparrow Mosaic Studio is unique in that it let’s my neighbors see what I am doing and  share with me what they are doing. It’s a great part of working in the urban environment.

I have decided on my mosaic piece, and have even mocked it up, still some small details to be decided.


Maps Only, 2012   Leave a comment

Today, I made a list of the artists participating in the Maps Only with some that having agreed to join and I have met with, and others that I haven’t yet met. I don’t know what map, half of the artists are making.  This is exciting and a bit stressful.  There are 12 of us, with 2 other possibilities.  There will be much art in this show that does not hang on a wall. There will be sound, ‘Lordrifa and True North’ will make a music map, with just the right amount of sound. There will be interactive maps; maps you can touch.  There will be food by Emery, always a treat. Oliver Lowe has just agreed to join us with his installation of a Pirate Map, so opening night might include a rum grog.

I will be sending out invitations for this event on line as well as by snail mail, still a favorite of mine.  Initially I thought the cover art would be an image of my Ansel Adams topographical mosaic map, but Oliver Lowe’s, Pirate Map Installation has just edged it out as the image to be used.  The postcard is one of my favorite parts of curating a show. If you are interested in getting this postcard send an email with your preferred address or your snail mail address and you will get an invitation when it goes out.

Maxine Kraemer has just agreed to help me organize and make Maps Only: Radical Cartography in Contemporary Art,  a pretty show.

See you May/2012 at Maps Only, in San Fransisco’s Mission District neighborhood.

It’s the process   Leave a comment

Today, I worked on the show I am curating, “Maps Only” 2012 in San Francisco.

I began talking with 3 of the 11 artists about their Maps; what medium, how big, their idea?  I’m interested in the process and especially interested in the group process.

One of the artists, an artist I know very well, almost quit before beginning.  Artists can be this way; I’ve been this way.  I tried to be clear and matter-of-fact.  I really want her to create a map, she’s quirky, intelligent and a talented user of bright colors. She would be patient with me. I will be patient with her. She agreed to let me include her in a group e-mail, but said, “I probably won’t talk with any of the other artists over the web.”  I hope she will, but of course, this is her process and she’s still part of the group.

Another of the artists has been working on a map for 10 years.  When I invited him, I had no idea. This map will not be ready to show he informed me, so he’s a bit more relaxed and is looking forward to making a map, possibly a fantasy map.  I wonder what this will look like, what fantasy map he will imagine?

The last of the three artists I spoke with is going on vacation. In one sentence he said, I won’t work on it while I am gone, but I might work on it, you never know, he said, I’ll just see what happens.  He was happy as he pondered his map.  I was happy pondering his map.

I even worked on my Ansel Adams Wilderness Topographical Map.  I can see it coming together.  It’s the process.

is writing doing nothing?   1 comment

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was in 7th grade, and then much later, a mosaic artist.  I went through many artful  incarnations, but always I’ve liked making or ‘riggging’ things, now they call it re-purposing . I like the physical part of my art, the labor. This nagging question of ‘is writing doing nothing’ is related to not being physical.

I’ve been wondering if now that life is happening to me and my time is not my own, and I don’t feel up to actually building my Ansel Adams Wilderness, all colors of white, topographical, mosaic map; I’m wondering if  writing about my Ansel Adams Wilderness, all colors of white, topographical , mosaic map, art? Or, is writing doing nothing?


Maps Only   Leave a comment

I am curating a Maps Only show in May/June of 2012 in San Francisco, California.
It will “Really” show Maps Only and include many U.S., Local and European Artists renditions of Maps Only.
Some of what will be shown is a secret, except to the artists participating and though I am curating the show and showing a large mosaic map myself, “some of it” is still a secret from myself.
What is for sure, is that opening night Big E’s will be taking care of the organic drinks and food, Cyrus will roaming the gallery and Valencia Street with his camera and all of the Maps will be interesting, for sale/trade or in some way available to the public.
I will write more about Maps Only as it becomes less a secret from myself.

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Blown Out Tulips   Leave a comment

Blown Out Tulips

10′ by 10′ hand snipped mosaic floor 2010/2011

The Artists are Matt Crestetto-Tile Setter; he cut the tile around the tulips. I love working with him.  He’s a fabulous Graffiti Artist and now traveling to legal places to make his Art.

Larry Gallagher-Grinding/Beveling; he did the dusty/loud work with a smile and earplugs. I’m writing about Larry a lot these days.  He is such a poet and just released a new album This Desert of Air, that I love and reviewed. It’s the words! We raced to see who would finish first, his album-my floor.  I believe, ” I won!”

Sarah Dorrance-Design/Mosaic: she loves the Earth and is frequently found trying to bring the outdoors inside.  I took this tulip Polaroid about 10 years ago and have always wanted to build it. Here it is. The pieces are small, all hand snipped and glued down by me.  A question that always enters my mind as I am building is “why”?  Why so small, so heavy, so manual, so hard? These questions are for another time and for the rest of my life.

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