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It’s raining, almost meaningfully. I use to love the rain.  I still do mostly, it really cleans up the streets and waters my front and back yard gardens.  The rain does what I do, but so much better.

Friends say it has rained a lot this year, I don’t seem to recall.  I wonder if I have blocked this information out, because of the Fukushima radiation that falls to the ground when it rains in San Francisco?  “We share the weather patterns ‘with’ Japan’; maybe I should say, ‘our radiation’, rather than, ‘Fukushima’s’ radiation, as it is ‘our’ radiation.

Here are some things to Do, if you must be out and in the rain, keep your head covered, wash your rain clothes often and take your shoes off before coming inside your house. If you have a garden and eat food from it, rinse it really well.

I hope it’s a nice steady rain.


Maps Only, SF 2012   2 comments

Tonight, at Mary Brown’s house we met to talk about her map.  We climbed the stairs to the roof and sat admiring the view of the City. What an amazing, 360′ view from her roof top! After today’s unusually hot, global warming day, the evening air was refreshing. She served lovely and tasty, Two Dog Farm, dry farmed, organic tomatoes and white wine in two sweet glasses painted with birds, gold along the lip, vintage. Her map she said,”will have a botanical element, will definitely hang on the wall and won’t be small.”

The conversation was random and focused, about maps, plants, bikes, food and their opposites.  I learned that paper maps are on there way out, like the car, a sad map fact. I am urged on by this sad fact, to work harder on my Ansel Adams Wilderness mosaic topographical map.

When she talked about her map it seemed to me textural, possibly of some local San Francisco spot.  I was excited as she talked about her ideas, random she said, though they did not seem random nor unconnected to me. Maybe it will be a take away piece of art, as she is not at all interested in the money aspect of art. She said the pirate map was a ‘genius idea’ and it is Oliver Lowe.  She’d love to be in discussion with the other artists over the web, be involved in the process.

The idea of not taking money for art is funny to me. One of the many reasons I curate art shows is to highlight the fact that artists must make money, or make a trade that in some, clear way, meets their particular needs. I encourage the guests to support the arts, to think of buying art as supporting an artist, a person.

We/they/me eat too and need greenbacks, pesos, to do so. Art is Fun, but it is our work.

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Last night, it was so hot I slept with my street side bedroom window open, it was very noisy. I heard many things, but the thing I remember is someone heaving in front of my house and into the front yard garden.

This morning I looked out the window dreading what I might see and there hanging from the string that is attached to the tree, that is holding up the tomatoes, in the front yard garden is the sweet, little, square, hot pink earring, art, gone yesterday, returned today! and the heave, or compost,  covered with dirt. That’s a good turn.


a good turn (continued)   2 comments

The sweet, little, square, hot pink earring, art, this morning is gone, but the tomatoes still stand, the flowers are still propped.

The older neighbor woman with the shockingly silver, big hair; the neighbor woman across the street told me, she had seen a man doing ‘something’ in the front yard garden. She’d come over later and realized, he’d been gardening in the front yard garden. FABULOUS! we both agreed.

This is the community, my neighborhood seeing value in the front yard garden! I cannot tell you how I feel when I think about that. It means more than just niceness. It is about owning something in our hood that is not ours alone.  It is about doing something freely for the group; like the ‘litter bug’ did. It’s about doing it for no thing and isn’t that everything. Having someone else garden in the front yard garden, in the soil we all own, makes everything about it worth it for me. One person, sick of seeing the tomatoes topple, gets up in the morning, stands things tall, with what is right there in the plot and a good turn is done for the garden and the neighborhood.

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Today, I made a list of the artists participating in the Maps Only with some that having agreed to join and I have met with, and others that I haven’t yet met. I don’t know what map, half of the artists are making.  This is exciting and a bit stressful.  There are 12 of us, with 2 other possibilities.  There will be much art in this show that does not hang on a wall. There will be sound, ‘Lordrifa and True North’ will make a music map, with just the right amount of sound. There will be interactive maps; maps you can touch.  There will be food by Emery, always a treat. Oliver Lowe has just agreed to join us with his installation of a Pirate Map, so opening night might include a rum grog.

I will be sending out invitations for this event on line as well as by snail mail, still a favorite of mine.  Initially I thought the cover art would be an image of my Ansel Adams topographical mosaic map, but Oliver Lowe’s, Pirate Map Installation has just edged it out as the image to be used.  The postcard is one of my favorite parts of curating a show. If you are interested in getting this postcard send an email with your preferred address or your snail mail address and you will get an invitation when it goes out.

Maxine Kraemer has just agreed to help me organize and make Maps Only: Radical Cartography in Contemporary Art,  a pretty show.

See you May/2012 at Maps Only, in San Fransisco’s Mission District neighborhood.

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Last night, some friends treated many of us to dinner at Local Mission Eatery, 24th Street and Folsum.  Let’s just say immediately, the food is all fresh, local, interesting and better than good. I had the bitter greens, ‘fabulous’ and the smokey tomato soup, so nicely presented and in a surprising way.    Sometimes, when my food arrives I wish I had ordered something else, but this evening I do not think any of us at the table felt that way, everyone  loved what they ordered.

My only suggestion is to ‘please’ make a gluten free dessert, a real dessert. Available for the gluten intolerant was ice cream or gelato, both of which I love, but can make at home myself or buy. The Mission has some good ice cream places, so there is no need to wait until you are out to dinner to have ice cream. The food at Local Mission Eatery was so creative, yummy and filling, I can only imagine what a gluten free dessert might taste like.

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Is the general public hearing of Fukushima?

I look for it everywhere on the web. No luck. Oh, you can read the latest of the ‘no information at all information’.  Where is the information?  What is happening to the people of Japan? Why is it not available to the average person?

Before the Fukushima meltdown I was reading a book about some radical Japanese artists who live off the grid. They use the land, the countryside, making pottery, growing rice and chickens.

Many of the artists the book highlighted, protested nuclear power and had moved to the countryside for a slower, artful life. The potter of this particular community built a nuclear fall-out shelter and used it as tea room before the meltdown of Fukushima.  At the time I was reading this book, I found it thoughtful and novel; building a shelter for the possibility of radiation.

I wonder how he uses it now?  I wonder often about his health?  His families health? I wonder about the others that live in the community? The food; can they eat it, should they eat it?  The rain; should they be outside in the rain working the rice fields? What is safe and can they ever be safe safe?

What is happening to the rest of the humans, plants, animals, the oceans on Earth? Where is this information to be found?

How long can we continue to ignore Fukushima, Davis-Bessie, Chernobyl, just to name a few of the failed or failing nuclear power plants on Earth.