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Fukushima is Here at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, at the Pacific Ocean   Leave a comment

I wrote about a photo shoot that happened at Ocean Beach for a group art show I am curating, “WATER Currents in Contemporary Art”, opening May/2014.  I mentioned the corporate women’s run, but did not mention what I consider to be the most important thing going on at Ocean Beach in San Francisco’s (same place as my photo shoot), Outer Richmond District is a planned  massive gathering “Fukushima is Here”, tomorrow, Saturday 19, October 2013, same as the run.

BART is not running, “rightfully I believe”, so plan to take the bus or MUNI out to Ocean Beach, parking will be non existent.

I am imagining the mine blowing realization that the corporate workers will have when they realize Fukushima is Here!  What will the middle higher ups think? and the the higher higher ups? and their bosses?  Who will get blamed?

Many folks who have not thought of radiation all year will have had an unplanned for education. “Fukushima is Here”!

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smiling helps   Leave a comment

When your time is not your own smiling helps.
I have needed to be a little more flexible because, “my time is not my own”.  I walk when I must, not when I want, drive a car for its quickness, not take the bus or ride my bike and walk my dog when I can.

Though this is not my favorite way of being in the world, I have found that smiling helps. Just the lifting of the corners of your mouth and smiling, even if you are not feeling it, helps. I think the brain must be conditioned to feel a bit better when the face smiles.

Smile when you think of it, even if you are not feeling it. I hope you will feel you better; I do.

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“Timeliness”   4 comments

I was raised to be timely. There was always enough change in the glove compartment of the car to call before I was late.  Calling was a drag, so I was mostly on time. I don’t have a car now, so I can’t be anywhere quickly, even so I am usually on time or I call.  It must be the training.

Now that my time is not my own and I have to be places, to meet others, about others, the timeliness training has taught me something.  It has  not taught be to be on time for these meetings, far from it, but things seem to have worked out anyway.

Some of my friends have cars, so I can borrow one if I really need. I mostly don’t borrow them, I mostly don’t need them.  I have been borrowing a car often, lately or asking for a ride from someone going where I am going or taking the more than >1 bus, to my far but still in the City destination.

The bus is the least hectic and my favorite.  I walk to the stop, get on, there is almost always some kind of visual feast, I meander in my mind and then I am there. The bus is great when you have the time.

Borrowing a car is a little more complicated, I must remember the garage code,  feel a little bit of Self  Imposed beholden-ness, fill the tank up, drive and park.

Getting a ride is the most challenging and yet for me has been the most freeing. I must ask for the ride, folks are feeling sorry for me right now,  so getting the ride is easy, but then I must wait.

Yesterday, my very nice, lovely young woman ride was late and she was still a 1/2 hour away when she called.  I thought about her lateness for a minute, trying to not let my timeliness training get in the way of Thinking and I realized that “my time was not my own!” and that this was just another way to realize it.  I was free!  I could not go to the appointment, because I could not ditch my next appointment. I had just re-scheduled and it was much too late to cancel, I still need to eat, so I didn’t go to the appointment scheduled for me, not by me. “My time is not my own”.

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