Grafitti Sticker Art in Reykjavik, Islenska, or Iceland   Leave a comment

Reykjavik's town center

When I go to a new city I  go to the ‘main drag’, it’s the place where all the tourists are sent.  In Reykjavik, the tourists and the locals go to the same place, this is nice.   Even so, the main drag is not where I like to be. I like to be a bit more remote, on the edge.

I loved everywhere I went in Reykjavik, but I found ‘my people’ on Hverfisgata, a street just off the main drag, nearer to the water.  I know Hverfisgata has a meaning. I know that every little part, of every long word in Islenska gives you the definition of the word, sometimes it is a direction, or who you are the daughter or son of, or maybe that you are on the water side of the city.  That made learning parts of words quite valuable.

I found favorite stickers by artists I admire for their public art and messages, in Islenska, on Hverfisgata!  I was thrilled to see I was drawn to the same areas as these public artists! Here are only a few of my favorites, DCEVE, SPACE INVADERS and OBEY.  I have seen their work in many places, they get around.  OBEY has some recent work up in the Mission District of San Fransisco, USA, not shown here.

What I really want to know is what name the person goes by who uses the symbol of the bird?  If anyone knows please forward it on to me. The birds are my personal favorite; they are placed in just the right spot, some high, some low, but always perfectly placed. Enjoy the

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