Tikkun and Rabbi Michael Lerner   Leave a comment

I wrote a letter to Rabbi Lerner, someone I admire and listen, to form my own thoughts and opinions. I am not Jewish  or religious,  but feel inspired by many intelligent people, he being just one of the many. Rabbi Lerner posted an email from a student about the U.S. OCCUPY movement in Oakland and its youth. It bothered me, you can read it and his response to his student here at http://www.tikkun.org and read more and different here at http:// http://www.spiritualprogressives.org. Here is my email and his response.

Yes, Sarah, for these thoughts!


I also don’t know why I am writing, but Jordan’s letter disturbs me. Your letter made me rejoice.

Forgive he says and yet?

He was right to speak out against racism and forgive.

I am left wondering how he or anyone thinks these youth, remember what ‘youth’ itself means, of color and not, may have heard of the “legacy before them?” They are creating the legacy, they are the brave.

This group that protests for us all, is all colors of youth, elderly, mentally ill, drug addicted, veterans with and without PTSD, the unemployed, the educated, the disabled and the able, the uneducated, the anarchists and let us be clear ‘not all anarchists are violent’, parents, ministers and the truant.

This protest is not about the individual, it is about the group and though the language of youth and anger may be harsh it must be expressed. Words do not kill. Words let us communicate. Your student educated and that is good. It is also good this person of youth could say his words so he could be educated.

Let us not learn to hold our tongue, but express our feelings and thoughts in a manner that sends a message clearly.

Peace and be well, Sarah Dorrance

Thank you Rabbi Lerner.


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