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I was on my way home after going to the Mission District farmers market, when I came upon Jeff Adachi walking the streets for votes, handing out literature about himself,  pension reform and fortune cookies. He invited me to come to a local, public event that he was hosting at San Jalisco restaurant in the Mission District, that evening.

Let me say, that even as we spoke I told him my vote was to go to John Avalos for Mayor.  He responded, “John is a good guy”, but here is why you should vote for me…..  After reading his literature I decided to go to his event and ask some questions. His supporters on paper could not be more different from one another, Quentin Kopp, ultra conservative, a reason to not get my vote and then Matt Gonzalez, who seems to not have anything new happening in his life and describes himself as the former president of the city supervisors, but who is clearly not ultra conservative.

I went, a bit late, but not that late, Jeff was gone.  I was pleased that though he was gone, his “Jeff for Mayor folks” could easily handle my questions about labor, his position on unions and questions about pension reform. They were friendly and felt able to articulate Jeff’s positions. Here is what I got from speaking to his supporters.  Jeff Adachi  worked with the unions on the pension reform bill, not all of the unions were happy with the outcome, but many participated. He is not a union Buster He believes that the waste of money in our San Francisco city government could be used to restart many programs, the summer school program being only one of them.  Did you know have not had summer school in San Francisco for the last two summers?  I didn’t.

After the event I opened my Jeff Adachi fortune cookie, though, as many of you know I am gluten intolerant and wasn’t going to eat it, but who doesn’t want to read their fortune? My fortune read “your future is bright, vote Jeff Adachi for Mayor Nov. 8, 2011. Is our “future is bright?”


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