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Maxine Kraemer, my long time neighbor and friend is now assistant curator for Maps Only.  We will not choose the art for this show, the artist invited will do that.  We though, will follow the process together.

Look for Maxine in the details of the ‘Maps Only’ show.  She will help organize the placement of art on the walls, on the floor, on shelves.  She will interface with all of the food and photo people, she’ll know the name of every Map and Artist. If the pirate fountain breaks, look for Maxine trying to make if work and “it will work.”

She studied art in Spain, returned to the U.S. to study speech therapy.  Her office was a work of art,  handmade games, color coded boxes.  It was a room designed with thought and an eye for color. She has taught me many things and in particular, this information has been invaluable to me, “like items go together, even if you use them in every room, they still go together in the same place.”  I use this tenet and pass it on when appropriate. I look forward to working with her and learning from her.


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