a good turn (continued)   2 comments

The sweet, little, square, hot pink earring, art, this morning is gone, but the tomatoes still stand, the flowers are still propped.

The older neighbor woman with the shockingly silver, big hair; the neighbor woman across the street told me, she had seen a man doing ‘something’ in the front yard garden. She’d come over later and realized, he’d been gardening in the front yard garden. FABULOUS! we both agreed.

This is the community, my neighborhood seeing value in the front yard garden! I cannot tell you how I feel when I think about that. It means more than just niceness. It is about owning something in our hood that is not ours alone.  It is about doing something freely for the group; like the ‘litter bug’ did. It’s about doing it for no thing and isn’t that everything. Having someone else garden in the front yard garden, in the soil we all own, makes everything about it worth it for me. One person, sick of seeing the tomatoes topple, gets up in the morning, stands things tall, with what is right there in the plot and a good turn is done for the garden and the neighborhood.


2 responses to “a good turn (continued)

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  1. It would be wonderful if you could figure out how to add pictures to your blog. I would love to see the tomatoes, the garden and the pink earring!

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