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I was out with my dog for a long walk this morning, pretty early.   There’s a nice spot for me to rest and my dog to smell, a couple of blocks away from my house, so we stop.  This morning I visit with one of my neighbor friends that lives in this area.  He was cleaning up, sweeping. I love that he also sweeps his block.

We visited for a while and he wondered if I had noticed changes in the hood. In fact, I said, I do see changes.  I see changes in the homeless population.  I see more homeless men.  He wondered their ethnicity, he is Latino.  They are white men, I told him.  I am seeing more white men pushing carts.  It is not that they have not been pushing carts for a long time, they have, it is more that they are not usually in my neighborhood, these particular men.

This is of interest to me.  It means that their old neighborhood has somehow become less desirable.  Maybe there are too many police, too many rich and intolerant neighbors, not enough of what they are looking for?

The change in my neighborhood is one of the first things I notice during economic down times. This is not the first down time, economically speaking,  in my neighborhood, but it is the first time I have noticed a change in the face. I wonder what this means?


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