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Last night, some friends treated many of us to dinner at Local Mission Eatery, 24th Street and Folsum.  Let’s just say immediately, the food is all fresh, local, interesting and better than good. I had the bitter greens, ‘fabulous’ and the smokey tomato soup, so nicely presented and in a surprising way.    Sometimes, when my food arrives I wish I had ordered something else, but this evening I do not think any of us at the table felt that way, everyone  loved what they ordered.

My only suggestion is to ‘please’ make a gluten free dessert, a real dessert. Available for the gluten intolerant was ice cream or gelato, both of which I love, but can make at home myself or buy. The Mission has some good ice cream places, so there is no need to wait until you are out to dinner to have ice cream. The food at Local Mission Eatery was so creative, yummy and filling, I can only imagine what a gluten free dessert might taste like.


Posted September 11, 2011 by sarahdorrance in Food

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