Playing on Filmore, in The Filmore   Leave a comment

Magical, memorable, moments seem to  happen to people in the City that don’t seem to happen everywhere you visit on holiday.

My European friend who is visiting us; her boyfriend, Rolf just joined her.  Rolf plays the bass in a band, The Busters, a popular German ska band. They opened in Germany for The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, just days before Rolf arrived in the U.S.

This is the magical, memorable, moment they had together. She and he make plans to go out to hear music. They are seated with two women both named Karen for the musical performance. They visit with the 2 Karens, and are invited and do go, ‘just down the street’, to listen to salsa music. They meet the salsa band members, the 2 Karens happen to know the band members. One of them happens to be German, or something like that and it turns out Rolf and he share friends back in Mein, I believe and Rolf is in! He’s invited to play with the band in the Filmore that evening and the next Thursday also!

Every musician must dream of being invited to do what they love doing most on one of the most musically famous streets in the City.

Our friends will return early from their road trip, so that Rolf can sit in and play again in the Filmore, in the City.


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