Neighborhood Dogs in Communique   Leave a comment

This morning, early, I took my neighbor and good friend to the airport.  There’s a game at the Stick today, still the traffic was light. It was an easy payback for the many favors she has done for me lately and I have a car for the weekend.

I am not sure why I had to tell you about my payback; maybe too explain why I was out, without my dog.  I was out without my dog, but other dogs were out with their people.  There are 2 big dogs on our block, my little dog and a big dog on the block just west of us.  There use to be a dog next door to us, but she died.  My Dog still checks for her, she was part of this group.

The remaining dogs are often in ‘communique’. They announce who is here, who is leaving, I am home, where are you?, he shouldn’t be near my house or bench, people are here or not here, Hello!Hello!Hello!

The dog just to the west of me and My Dog announces crazily, people think it’s mean, “it’s not”, that the dog that lives behind us and above us is going home or is on a walk with it’s 1 or 2 people. It says hello to me and My Dog in the same loud, crazy sort of way.  My Dog responds in kind. The dog furthest away announces when they are near him, also kind of crazy like.

My Dog, seems unable to stop herself from making a mad dash for all of these dogs gates, barking loudly, persistently and with energy, until they bark back.  They all bark back, if they are home. It seems clear to me they are having  some sort of crazy-ass dog talk.


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