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It is the holiday weekend and I was to host a fund raiser for John Avalos for Mayor. Events beyond my control, changed my plans and I am now not hosting a neighborhood get together for John Avalos. Instead, my partner rode his bike today, along with many other SFBikeC members and John Avalos of San Francisco for Mayor through the hairball.

The hairball is what bike riders and probably car drivers also, call the area where people in cars, get on and off of the freeway at Cesar Chavez. It connects the Mission and Bayview-Hunters Point.  My partner was seriously injured on his bike 5 years ago in the hairball and there continue to be countless car and pedestrian accidents. When a serious accident occurs they send many public servants; firemen, paramedics and police. Later,  in the process a middling, uninterested, over worked?, detective comes out to interview the victim. The bike rider has few rights and unless someone other than the bike rider is injured, not much comes of the incident.

Still this is a huge expense for the City and could be less of an expense if the hairball was made friendly to bikes and peds, and to mention it yet again, it would connect our neighborhoods.


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