“don’t take this chair”   Leave a comment

There is so much I don’t want to write about right now, but this is still a happening story and I can see it from my front room window.
On the walk my dog and I went on, that I didn’t want to go on? Some of you readers may remember this?  I saw this purple chair sitting on the sidewalk, it was there for a while. Who doesn’t need free chairs?  and I could see that there was a note on it, maybe a free sign, its not that far from my house, so I walked over.

The note said, ‘don’t take this chair, it is Really not free” or something to that effect, so I didn’t take the chair, it was in Spanish also. I thought,  someone must have taken a chair or something from them, the taker not realizing it was to be packed or loaned or, you get it, so they put the note on this purple chair.
Later in the week the purple chair and the note was still there. No one had taken it.  Kind of like the front yard garden and how I have to tell people to Take the food.
This week the chair was still there and I was walking to my home with my people, my friends. I told them my purple chair theory, an experiment, and such a great idea, a way for many of us to interact without talking.  I love it!

We crossed the street to read the sign, which was weathering well, still readable. My friend who’s Birth Day it was and who is bi-lingual, said she thought maybe we’d be in a film or whoever took the chair might be in a film.  I hope not! It was a good chair, a great purple color, and it’s still there today and her Birth Day was yesterday.

My neighborhood is Urban and for over a week the purple chair and the note have not been taken.  I love my neighborhood, but I hope someone takes the chair soon,  before it is ruined by the elements.  “It’s still a good chair”.


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