Earthquakes and a Plan   Leave a comment

Recently, in the Bay area we have had multiple earthquakes. This is nothing to get worried about, but it is a hint to get prepared. Here are some easy things anyone reading this should be able to do.

Pack a backpack with medications you need, an extra pair of walking shoes and socks, an entire walking outfit, a filled water bottle  and single dollar bills, in case the electricity is down and you need to buy something, but no in is giving change for $20 bills. This should be kept at your work place or wherever you go regularly.

Because none of us is sure where we will be when “the Big one ” happens, you should leave  your route to and from wherever you go most often, and phone numbers for you and your family, so your people can look for you, just in case. Canned goods are important in an earthquake.  Store the not lined in plastic canned goods, again ‘just in case’ in your closet or somewhere you think will be safe in an earthquake.  Sleeping bags and a good coat can be stuffed into a plastic bin or bag and stored in the backyard or under your bed, a piece of charcoal in a paper bag will help keep the moldy smell away if you put them outside.

In your house you should have candles, matches, and a flashlight. Of course you should have water, those big blue plastic jugs are perfect for this, each person should have their own 5 gallon blue jug.

At your house you should know where your gas shut off valve is and have a wrench to turn it off if you smell gas.  This tool is found easily at hardware stores. You should have a land line phone, so when cell phone lines are down, you might be able to use your land line.

And for senior citizens the Red Cross Use to give free backpacks, so if you are a senior citizen I would give them a call now, find out and get yours ordered. For more information contact the Red Cross.


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