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I’ve been working on this map of Ansel Adams Wilderness since 2010, for the Maps Only show in MAY/JUNE 2012.

The southern part of the wilderness is just about complete and the northern part of the map was becoming more difficult to work on, so I didn’t work on it.  I began working on it downstairs in my studio where eventually, because the map is so tall and my studio ceiling is so low, I had to have it moved it up the stairs to my living room. It will hang on a wall when complete and is 3’wide x 4″deep x 8’tall.  It is big and heavy, even without grout.

This was usually a hired job;  it takes a professional to move or hang my heavy work, but last night there were guests over, not hired guests, but  I wrangled two of them anyway into rotating my work. A chore for them, a pleasure they said and a great service to me.

The south is almost finished and is at the top and the north is at the bottom, where it is easy to reach, so I have no excuse to not complete it.


Posted August 24, 2011 by sarahdorrance in Art, Mosaic

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