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Recenty, I have spoken to two artists that after having been told their work would be shown in public places, a cafe and the Wrexham Print International, both this year, 2011 and were censored.
Yesterday, I was in the gallery where the Maps Only show is going to hang in 2012 and there was the woman who had her work deemed unpalatable for coffee drinkers and was asked to take it down by the owner or manager, or someone in charge. So, because she was  in the gallery with her work, saying she had gotten another show because of this censorship, I asked if I might see the work. She showed me anything I wanted to see.
I was shocked! This was censored work!? There was nothing at all that seemed to me inappropriate. Really Not-a-thing. She said the show was about emptying her mothers house after she had died. The image I really liked was of a dog and a clock; the only mammal in the show, in a room with a clock marking the time. The dog looked at the camera with a dog kind of look, there was a peaceful feel to the image. She will be showing this censored show in some radical gallery in Oregon.

The other artist censored, Brian Jones just happens to be making a Map for the Maps Only show in San Francisco, 2012.  His print Brokeback Britain was to have been shown  from 25th March to 18th May, 2011 in Oriel Wrecsam, before touring Britain for the next 12 months.

I laughed when I saw it, which is what he said he hoped would happen. I saw the HOT pink print, but it’s available in other colors. It’s ‘clearly’ of the prime minister and his deputy, facing one another, dressed in cowboy outfits, no pants. When I communicated with Brian he said “being a cowboy” in Britain refers to a workman that does a bad job, particularly a builder and the phrase “all mouth and no trousers”  means spouting-off without substance, hence the the image. If you don’t want to see male parts, don’t go to his site

If you do go not mind seeing male parts and go to his site please let him know where you read it.

I thought the print was funny, intelligent and political at a time when we need to be able to express our thoughts with art or possibly lose our right.



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