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It seems that if you live in my city you can be censored. One day “they” can  stop our cell phone conversations in public places, the next day our public transportation can be halted; we can be told to get off of our already paid for ride and then our lack of a ride is used to silence our questions.

People going from one place to another, minding all of our business or minding their own business, just as my European Tourist friend was, were told to get off of the train with no explanation. She came home to our house, after a paid for bus ride, where she is a guest and told us she had been told to get off the train downtown and wondered if something horrible was happening.

 Something horrible was happening, our rights were being usurped by Our Public transit system!  The train was boarded and emptied to stop a protest; our lovely friend, with her lovely accent asked, ” they are afraid of the protests”? It seems “they” are.

Isn’t it the job of the artist, the scientist or the citizen; the job of pushing the envelope?


Posted August 23, 2011 by sarahdorrance in Art, Thinking

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