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Blown Out Tulips

10′ by 10′ hand snipped mosaic floor 2010/2011

The Artists are Matt Crestetto-Tile Setter; he cut the tile around the tulips. I love working with him.  He’s a fabulous Graffiti Artist and now traveling to legal places to make his Art.

Larry Gallagher-Grinding/Beveling; he did the dusty/loud work with a smile and earplugs. I’m writing about Larry a lot these days.  He is such a poet and just released a new album This Desert of Air, that I love and reviewed. It’s the words! We raced to see who would finish first, his album-my floor.  I believe, ” I won!”

Sarah Dorrance-Design/Mosaic: she loves the Earth and is frequently found trying to bring the outdoors inside.  I took this tulip Polaroid about 10 years ago and have always wanted to build it. Here it is. The pieces are small, all hand snipped and glued down by me.  A question that always enters my mind as I am building is “why”?  Why so small, so heavy, so manual, so hard? These questions are for another time and for the rest of my life.


Posted July 6, 2011 by sarahdorrance in Art, Mosaic

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